DARPA and lighting industry team up and create Dog with “Eye Beams” to guide troops in dark!

DARPA and lighting industry team up and create Dog with “Eye Beams” to guide troops in dark!

flashlighteyes (Spy photo by Fred Bacon)

lightboard.com Houston TX ~  Lightboard industry reporter Fred Bacon uncovered an amazing advancement in Bio-engineering developed in partnership with DARPA and several lighting industry experts. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an advanced-technology branch of the U.S. Department of Defense. The purpose of the agency is to try out new technologies and make them operationally ready, if possible, and to reach beyond current military technology to do something new.

Working in partnership with three lighting industry experts including the industry’s most talented illumination optical engineer and fixture designers in collaboration with GE geneticist Dr. Bill Castelree a Schipperke dog named Spot has developed flashlight like eyes. DARPA hopes to deploy the dogs with special force troops who only work at night.

Dr. Castelree spliced into the dogs DNA at the EB1 helix genome a GFP gene found in the jellyfish, Aequorea victoria, that fluoresces bright yellow when exposed to darkness. This is a protein used in many standard biological experiments involving fluorescence. When Spot drinks water his eyes would literally glow bright yellow.

Illumination optical expert Jave Denkins using lighttools ray tracing software to back model the illumination source emitted from the cones and rods in the back of Spots eyeballs was able to design a lens implant that focuses Spot’s light on whatever he is looking at

Fred Bacon described Spot as an animal that did not exist in nature until now, but one he would now like to have at his side in a dark alley. “To see his eye beams light up the path in front of you is amazing, almost magical”. Along with superior night vision Spot has a keen sence of smell and hearing, he puts his eye beams on anything in the area you should know about.


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