GE Unveils LED-enabled Intelligent Environments, a Glimpse into The Connected Future

GE Unveils LED-enabled Intelligent Environments, a Glimpse into The Connected Future

LED technology enables Intelligent Environments for cities, buildings and homes, going beyond illumination and changing the way we live

NEW YORK–GE gathered industry thought leaders and influencers from Qualcomm,  City of San Diego, City of Jacksonville to share insights on how intelligent LED lighting is transforming cities, buildings and homes. The marriage of lighting and big data provides new ways to drive unprecedented efficiency, utility and experiences that will change the way we navigate our hometown, the way we shop at the grocery store and the way we live everyday life.

“LED lighting is the gateway for connectivity. And, with this connectivity we’re creating Intelligent Environments for cities, buildings and homes,” said Beth Comstock, President & CEO, GE Business Innovations. “Using existing lighting infrastructure, from streetlights to the light bulb socket in your home, GE is putting the Internet of Things to work in big, exciting ways with the Industrial Internet. This means connecting LED solutions with sensors and state-of-the-art software, like GE’s Predix platform, to unleash new potential for what light can bring to the world.”

To hear more from Comstock and The Connected Future media panel discussion, please view here.

The cities of San Diego and Jacksonville are working with GE Lighting on trials of software-enabled LED lighting solution. David Graham, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego, and Jim Robinson, Director of Public Works, City of Jacksonville, shared how their cities plan to use this pilot program to analyze data trends to help citizens and visitors find parking in their cities.

In collaboration with Qualcomm, this same technology concept is being applied to buildings – specifically looking to transform the retail experience. Using visible light communication (VLC), this high accuracy solution can locate a shopper up to 5 cm and provide a shopper’s orientation and elevation date, allowing retailers to give shoppers relevant product promotions or educational content. For example, this technology could help someone find gluten-free products at the grocery.

And in the home, lighting remains the primary way consumers experiment with smart home tech. To further adoption, GE announced plans to engineer a color-changing LED compatible with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem. Embedded with GE Align™ technology, GE’s HomeKit-enabled LED bulb takes smart home technology a step further, giving consumers the ability to automate lighting according to the body’s natural sleep circadian rhythm.

GE is highlighting some of its connected lighting advancements at LIGHTFAIR International 2015, including LED-based intelligent solutions for homes and cities, as well as commercial buildings.

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