First Ever Global Lighting LiFi Congress set for the 8th and 9th of February 2018 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris near the Louvre.

First Ever Global Lighting LiFi Congress set for the 8th and 9th of February 2018 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris near the Louvre.

lifiparis 9-26-2017 ~ LiFi’s scientific and economic leaders will be brought together to create a timeline, and determine the future of this new technology that will revolutionize the connectivity of IoTs (Internet of things). The Global LiFi Congress® will take place on the 8th and 9th of February 2018 at the Palais Brongniart, close to some of the most beautiful Parisian areas and monuments. Numerous business and scientific conferences, a trade show, a networking space and one to one meetings.

What is LiFi? LiFi is the acronym for Light Fidelity, and is a wireless communication system for transferring internet data at very high speeds.

■ How does LiFi work? Data is transmitted via LiFi through light … But how? The principle is based on the sending of data through subtly varying the brightness of light sources. An LED is able to flicker several million times per second, which enables data transfer. The light source must be directly connected to the Internet. Digital data passes by the LED bulb where an electronic component controls the LED in order to make it flicker according to a predetermined rhythm. The digital data therereby passes into the light spectrum. Then a receiver, integrated into a smartphone or a computer, retrieves these flickers and transforms them into video files, text, etc. Here is a diagram to summerise the path taken by internet data to the receiver:

The Global LiFi Congress schedule The Global LiFi Congress® will be structured around four key areas:

■ MORE THAN 20 CONFERENCES AND ROUND TABLES The scientific conferences will enable you to discover all of the latest advances in LiFi research and innovation. The round tables will provide an opportunity for an exchange of ideas on the applications of LiFi in a very wide variety of fields such as medical, transport, aeronautics, commercial spaces… Among other things, the large auditorium (600 seats) and the small auditorium (100 seats) will be available to speakers and will benefit from English-French simultaneous interpretation.

■ TRADE SHOW The magnificent nave of the Palais Brongniart will be reserved as an exhibition space. More than 30 companies, comprised of start ups, multinationals and professional associations will exhibit their latest innovations and products there. Come and discover the concrete solutions surrounding LiFi.

■ NETWORKING SPACE The agenda of the congress was conceived in such a way as to encourage trade and networking within a friendly atmosphere. An area of over 300m2 will be provided for professionals and scientists to exchange views on LiFi’s future prospects. These more informal exchanges will give you the opportunity to easily meet other players, future partners and clients.

■ BUSINESS One to one meetings with other delegates in order to create exclusive relationships.

The companies and entities in attendance The craze around LiFi is undeniable. Big companies in this sector are positioning themselves to take advantage of this new technology for which the Global LiFi Congress® is a key lever. The members of the LiFi International Scientific Committee, comprised of the forefathers of LiFi, will be present at this event.This association of scientists has consistently supported the organizing committee of the Global LiFi Congress®. The start-ups and world leaders in research around LiFi are participating in this congress to bring a certain technological added value. Notably, we will find among them the companies and scientists who invented this technology, as well as the start-ups that matter in this sector. Lifi has many advantages and real added value in each sector of activity. Every entity, every business is affected by this technology. The companies, which are interested in indoor communication such as in transport services or shopping centers see the arrival of LiFi as a solution to many problems. The telecommunication companies have found a way to counter the saturation of radio waves expected in a few years. Private and public companies wish to maximise the security of their confidential data through a much safer new technology.

Prospects & promises of LiFi The prospects and promises of LiFi are immense. This technology and its abundant advantages enable the development of a great number of applications, and brings significant benefits compared to existing technologies.  The future technological advances of LiFi LiFi is the technology of the future. Scientists are working today on the miniaturization of the system, in order to integrate a receiver into all connected devices. These pioneering companies in this area collaborate with the largest international companies in order to be able to supply and develop this technology throughout the world.

To register to attend or just find out more information visit the official Global LiFi website by clicking here.

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