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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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» MaxLite appoints Caroline Nagy human resources manager
» MaxLite Launches Mobile Website
» Osram expands the Duris LED family for linear and area indoor lighting
» Halco Lighting Technologies Introduces New ProLED Brochure
» Founder and Long-time Fulham CEO Transitions to BOD Role
» 2nd AVE LIGHTING Introduces Penelope Family of Upscale Ceiling Pendants Made in the USA
» Halco Lighting Technologies Announces Expanded Line of ProLED PAR38 Lamps
» Meyda Custom Lighting Unveils Grand Terrace LED Pendants featuring Solid American Walnut Wood
» Halco Lighting Technologies® Hires Director of Business Development
» Amerlux introduces FINO, First Ultra Shallow Asymmetric Wall/Ceiling Indirect Lighting Fixture
» Fulham® Wins Two tED Magazine ‘Best of the Best’ Marketing Awards
» Sollos Landscape Lighting® Announces New Transformers
» Halco Lighting Technologies® Hires OEM Manager
» WAC Lighting Adds Glamour and Elegance with Rococo Italian Art Glass Pendant
» NEXT Lighting To Launch Company and Announce Category-Leading LED Linear Replacement
» Philips Lumileds LUXEON M Brightens the Outlook for Efficient and Cost Effective Outdoor LED's
» WAC Lighting to Unveil New LED Lighting Designs at 2012 Lightfair International
» Halco Lighting Technologies® Announces Kim Cook as President
» Micron CEO Steve Appleton dies in crash of small plane
» The Estee Lauder Companies and Philips Lighting Launch Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
» DOE announces new Solid State Lighting funding
» LG sue's over LED lighting patents and attempts to halt sales of Audi's and BMW's
» Federal ban on incandescent lightbulb forces Hasbro to re-design Easy Bake Oven
» Good-bye T12. Hello Opportunity.
» Lighting Science Group to sell LED bulb equivalent to 60w incandescent for under 15 dollars!
» Department of Energy announces round 8 of LED funding
» Florida Highway patrol sued for ticketing driver who flashed his headlights to warn of speed traps
» Nice guys earn less according to new study!
» BULBRITE Celebrates 40th Anniversary at Company Headquarters and Edison Museum
» Meyda Lighting Appoints Max Cohen New England Sales Manager
» Schréder ALURA LED wins Gold ADEX Award for Design Excellence
» Philips wins $10M L Prize for LED-based 60W replacement bulb
» BULBRITE Featured in Energy Efficient Light Bulb Video on energyNOW! Website
» Best Lighting Show on Earth featured in award winning video
» Obelux introduces the world’s most powerful LED light
» Fuel Cell Mobile Lighting System Featured at Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch
» Meyda Custom Lighting Expands Manufacturing Facilities
» World's longest illuminating light bulb celebrates another decade of light.
» Westinghouse Lighting Announces Director of Sales to Spearhead Retail Efforts
» Schréder Lighting US introduces PIANO, Outdoor Architectural Lighting
» Half a century ago GE introduced Square Fluorescent Lighting
» Schréder launches Owlet™ system of intelligent street and area lighting wireless controls
» Westinghouse Lighting Launches Online Product Catalogs
» National Lighting Bureau calls for elimination of "Artifical Lighting"
» [P2] Announces New High-Bay LED Fixtures
» GE Lighting and Xi'an ETDZ partner on LED roadway lighting project in China.
» Halco’s ProLED PAR38 Chosen as EC&M’s Lamp and Ballast Category Winner
» Meyda Lighting's Max Cohen Nominated to Conduct Utica Symphony Orchestra for USO.
» Optical Illusion
» Amerlux Lighting introduces 10-year warranty
» UL Expands Capabilities in Global Lighting Technology Market with Acquisition of Lighting Sciences,
» LED One Taps Lighting Industry Veteran Boyd Corbett to Lead U.S. Sales Division
» New development for lighting luxury spaces
» BULBRITE Announces "Customer of the Year" Award Winner at the Dallas International Lighting Market
» Halco Lighting Technologies Announces New Hire
» Thomas Edisons 164th Birthday
» Orb Optronix opens the first EPA recognized, independent, third party, ISO 17025 testing laboratory
» L.A. Museum Hosting 4.5-Billion-Old Specimens Employs 21st Century LED Lighting Technology
» Meyda Custom Lighting Introduces Fused Glass Vanity/Bowl Combination for Kitchens and Baths
» Schreder unveils The Right Light concept with innovative ALURA LED
» Philadelphia-Based Westinghouse Lighting President & CEO Voted to ALA Board of Governors
» 2ND AVE.™ LIGHTING and Pentimento Sales Agency Open Arizona Factory Showroom
» Westinghouse's Outdoor Energy Star® Fixtures Combine Elegance and Efficiency
» Schreder's New FURYO delivers The Right Light with innovative Philips CosmoPolis Lamp/Ballast System
» Lighting Systems Index Stalls, Slumps, National Lighting Bureau Reports
» Halco Lighting Technologies® 20,000 hour ProLED® JC10 & JC20
» Schonbek Extends the Hugely Successful MILANO Line
» Lightboards Advertising & Recruitment Services
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National Lighting Bureau calls for elimination of "Artifical Lighting"




Silver Spring, MD—The National Lighting Bureau – an independent, not-for-profit lighting-information service – has called for the end of “artificial lighting.”


“This is not the first time we’ve attempted to eliminate ‘artificial lighting,’” said Bureau Executive Director John Bachner. “But no matter what we do, we see it every day.” He’s not talking about the illumination systems that make contemporary living possible – think how little would get done well or at all without lighting – but rather the term “artificial lighting.”


“‘Artificial lighting’ is a misnomer; it makes no sense,” Bachner said. “Artificial things aren’t real. Artificial leather is not leather. It may look like leather, it may feel like leather, it might even smell like leather, but it’s not leather. And the same could be said about artificial glass, artificial wood, and even artificial foods, like artificial crab and artificial cheese. They may be real something, but they’re fake whatever it is they’re




End Artificial Lighting, NLB Says                                                                                               John P. Bachner

(ADD ONE)                                                                                                              301/587-9572/


trying to appear or taste or smell to be. That’s not the case with lighting.”


Bachner should know whereof he speaks. A National Lighting Bureau staff executive since 1976, he is a Harvard English major who has been published extensively on a variety of subjects, including proper use of the English language.


“The light we get from electric illumination systems is real light,” Bachner said. “There’s nothing artificial about it.” He suggested that the term “artificial” was applied to distinguish electric and other types of man-made lighting from “natural lighting.” “‘Natural lighting’ is also referred to as ‘daylighting,’” Bachner said, “but not all natural lighting is ‘daylighting,’ or – more appropriately – sunlight. The light we get from the moon is natural, as is the light we get from the stars and even swamp gas and lightning. Man-made lighting is predominantly electric, of course, but gas lighting is still used in places, as are torches made from tree limbs and kerosene-soaked rags, at least in the movies.”


“John has a chip on his shoulder about this issue,” said Bureau President Howard Lewis (Lighting Alternatives, Inc.). “He believes – as do I – that man-made lighting systems are underappreciated, as are the people who create and deploy them. He also gets upset by the term ‘light pollution,’ when it’s applied to designate the ‘light trespass’ or ‘sky glow’ that occurs as a consequence of inadequately designed outdoor lighting systems. ‘Water pollution’ doesn't refer to the way in which water pollutes anything; ‘air pollution’





End Artificial Lighting, NLB Says                                                                                                   John P. Bachner

(ADD TWO)                                                                                                                   301/587-9572/


doesn't refer to the way that air pollutes something, even though water and air can at times be pollutants. ‘Light pollution’ does not suggest that light is being polluted by something. People take it to mean that somehow light – but only man-made light – is a pollutant, something generally considered to be a ‘harmful product.’ Properly applied, man-made light is not harmful; in fact, just the opposite is true. Imagine our streets and highways without lighting at night. Imagine walkways and shopping centers and museum grounds without lighting at night. Lighting becomes a problem only when the system that provides it is inadequately designed and so fails to perform as it could and should. John is far from the being the only member of the lighting community who feels offended when casual language seems to put man-made lighting into the same category as toxic chemicals. Ineffective lighting system design is not lighting’s fault.”


“What we’re really dealing with here is language pollution,” Bachner said. “In essence, our language is being adulterated because those who should know better allow slipshod usages to persist unchallenged. Man-made lighting systems are essential to our safety, security, productivity, and prosperity. They allow us to see well under conditions where we otherwise couldn’t see at all. In fact, when properly designed, man-made lighting generates a better return on investment than any other energized system. All of us in the lighting community need to make more people aware of these important facts.”


The National Lighting Bureau maintains a searchable list of lighting-system designers at its website (, along with guidance on how to identify designers with the




End Artificial Lighting, NLB Says                                                                                                   John P. Bachner

(ADD THREE)                                                                                                             301/587-9572/


background and experience required for any given project. The service is free to both lighting-system designers and those who need their services.


Established in 1976, the National Lighting Bureau is an independent, not-for-profit, lighting information source sponsored by professional societies, trade associations, manufacturers, and agencies of the U.S. government, including, among others:

·        enLIGHTen America;

·        GE Lighting;

·        GonLED, LLC;

·        Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES);

·        Imperial Lighting Maintenance Company;

·        interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO);

·        Lighting Alternatives, Inc.;

·        Lighting Controls Association;

·        Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.;

·        Magnaray;

·        National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA);

·        National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA);

·        OSRAM SYLVANIA; and

·        U.S. General Services Administration.

For more information about the Bureau, visit its website ( or contact Bureau staff at or 301/587-9572.



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