WAC Lighting unveils groundbreaking landscape lighting collection

WAC Lighting unveils groundbreaking landscape lighting collection



Port Washington, New York – As an expansion of its lighting technology brand, WAC Lighting® has introduced a groundbreaking landscape lighting collection that offers patent pending solutions. The new collection addresses problems in the irrigation and green industry which are not currently resolved by other landscape lighting companies.

“We are proud to unveil our WAC Landscape Lighting collection,” announced WAC Lighting President Shelley Wald. “Every luminaire in this patent pending line of technology-oriented landscape products is thoroughly tested in our nationally recognized NVLAP, UL and ETL certified labs for safety, durability and robust long term performance, even in the most rugged environments.”

WAC offers a full range of landscape lighting fixtures in warm white and pure white light. Unlike other brands, WAC fabricates each product to a component level and uses the best UV and corrosion resistant materials available to support a true 10-year warranty.

Every product is engineered to work well together as a fully integrated solution and is connected to the same transformer. The landscape lighting line includes: Wall Wash, Deck and Patio Lights, 3” In-ground, Hardscape, Outdoor Landscape Tape, Accent, 1” and 2” Recessed Inground and Indicator, Submersible 2” Inground, Step Lights, and Area and Path Lights.

About WAC Lighting


This family owned and operated manufacturer is uniquely set up in order to set your business apart from the mass markets. Driving innovation and making it accessible to the marketplace for over 30 years, WAC Lighting operates at a higher level of responsibility with a vertically integrated design, engineering and production operation. Optimized electronics in upscale luminaire designs include a full range of LED products from Task, Recessed, Track,  Accent and Decorative lighting, to a groundbreaking new LED Landscape line unveiled this year.

WAC Lighting Global Headquarters is located in Port Washington, New York, with Factories in New York, Ontario, California and Atlanta. WAC Lighting can be reached on the spec hotline at 1.866.788.2100 or by visiting www.waclighting.com.



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