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Best foot forward

Brandon and Carey Bennett, Co-Founders of AreaMetrics, used Lightboard to revamp their website and create a cohesive look for decks and other client materials.

Lightboard was like-minded with regard to AreaMetrics' startup culture—they worked fast and were agile.

Carey Bennett

Carey Bennett
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

AreaMetrics provides geo-location data that powers insights for marketers and brands. Located in Seattle, WA, they access a network of in-store sensors to understand offline foot-traffic to deliver the highest quality in alternative data intelligence.

Business Situation

AreaMetrics has business partners and clients across the world. Without face-to-face interactions it is imperative that the AreaMetrics website relays the company's brand and values cleanly and clearly.

As a startup team of six, AreaMetrics didn't have the bandwidth to revamp their website themselves. Once the AreaMetrics team decided to revamp the company's website in February of 2018, they immediately reached out to the Lightboard team.

Lightboard gathered information about the brand's goals, mission, and values, and presented AreaMetrics with three brand direction options.

Early design direction options.

Path to Success

Once a brand direction was established, Lightboard began applying the design to the new AreaMetrics website. After the first iteration of home page designs were revealed, they were sold.

Lightboard quickly got to work on creating illustrations to showcase the AreaMetrics product. Then, utilizing those illustrations, the remaining pages were built out. Using the Lightboard app, Carey was able to easily relay comments and tweaks to each website page as it was completed to make sure that the artwork and style reflected AreaMetrics' mission and values.

AreaMetrics' website before and after Lightboard's redesign.



A complete build-out of the website

Illustration and layout for each of the key pages.


Startup Mentality

Both Areametrics and Lightboard have roots in the Seattle start-up community. Lightboard was like-minded with regard to AreaMetrics' startup culture - they worked fast and were agile. When a new business plan opportunity opened up during the production stage, Lightboard was quick to add additional content to reflect these changes.

Design Partnership

AreaMetrics met regularly with the Lightboard design team to hash out ideas and to go over Lightboard's progress. The constant contact between teams was crucial in producing content accurately and efficiently.

Polished Product

In just three months, Lightboard was able to deliver an illustration packed website that injected new life and energy into the AreaMetrics brand. The ability to work on illustrations and web design in tandem allowed for a quick, polished turnaround on the website.

Visuals for a new brand

The illustrations gave AreaMetrics a new personality that will live on as the brand continues to grow. The new website gave AreaMetrics a competitive edge and positions them as a leader in the geo-location data space.

Since launching the new website, many new clients have commented on the design and flow of the website. Lightboard played a key role in the strategic direction.

Carey Bennett

Carey Bennett
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

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