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Nimble Display Ad Execution

Sideline needed a reliable design partner to generate and test hundreds of display ads to promote their mobile app. Lightboard delivered.

Sideline is a phone solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone who needs a second phone line to manage their professional calls while keeping their personal number private.

Designing Winning Campaigns

As Sideline entered their growth phases, they needed to quickly determine which messaging was most effective for their audience. Lightboard helped them create permutations around eleven options to determine the right approach.

White Glove Service

Sideline needed to get their messaging right–and that meant a lot of testing. We designed 36 iterations of the ad units in dozens of sizes. In a normal scenario, that many units would be a logistical nightmare–but Lightboard's project management system made it easy.

Carousel ad tests for Facebook and Instagram.

True Colors

For an ad-saturated audience, color changes can make a critical difference. We worked with Sideline to test a range of colors to see what performed best.

Point of Value

An important part of any marketing story, is the value proposition. Sideline wanted to be upfront about the value the provide customers, and worked with Lightboard to craft messaging around pricing.

Pricing information is tough to get right, and Lightboard worked diligently to arrive at the subtle, less-is-more approach that empowers Sideline's potential customers to make the right, informed decision.

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